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We have a strategic partnership with API, which allows us to reach more pharmacies across Australia. All deals are
processed via our online ordering portal and are sectioned into 3 key categories:

Everyday Orders
These are deals that are available throughout the year to Visibuy members. They are the fundamentals that support
your pharmacy business and generally are required on a regular basis. Everyday Orders ensure your pharmacy is
stocked with the right products througout the year.

Direct Deals
Direct Deals are unique to our buying program and have been negotiated specifically for Visibuy members. These
deals provided added value to as they are specific to each supplier and reviewed regularly. Direct deals provide an
added point of difference to your pharmacy stock mix and ranging.

Cycle Deals
These are fixed term deals that run at certain times across the year. As a Visibuy member, you’ll receive access to
exclusive Cycle Deals at specific times throughout the year that coincide with seaonsal changes and product and
range launches. These deals are a great way to include topical products and exciting deals into your front of shop.